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Case Study FROGS INDONESIA | FROGS Indonesia FROGS Indonesia is Indonesia’s first drone passenger company that aims to solve transportation problems in urban and rural areas. In an early development phase, FROGS Indonesia faced a problem in order to present their product to the public, especially when the product is still under development. Arranging an exhibition is not an easy thing, it needs a lot of money and time to arrange. Generally, exhibitions also need large space and transportation to deliver the product. Based on these problems, they need an innovative solution about how they are going to present their Product.Virtual Reality (VR) technology can be a good solution for FROGS Indonesia, they can use this technology to give new experiences, not only the product looks like, but also how it feels when customers use this product. Then, VR can transport users to all sorts of settings and give them a broad range of experiences they would otherwise not have, and bring users into a powerful world of storytelling.


In collaboration with FROGS Indonesia, ARUTALA recently launched the VR Drone Passenger. ARUTALA provided an easy experience for FROGS Indonesia without having to bring drone prototypes in every exhibition so it can help them to save expenses and increase cost efficiency in terms of marketing and operations. ARUTALA has demonstrated the potential of VR technology through flying simulation using FROGS Drone Passenger, so the user can take a closer look at the drone unit virtually and feel the flying experience with more safe and interactive.The main feature of this product is to mix the real environment and 3D technology to make the experience more realistic. Then, users can get detailed information about flying status like altitude, speed, and destination by looking at the cockpit. In the future, this product can be customized and upgraded to a new environment, types of drone, and drone features based on the needs of FROGS Indonesia. So it can make the product memorable by integrating it into the individual user experience.

key features

VR Flight Simulator – Frogs Indonesia main features
– More realistic and it can engage customers
– No longer needs to carry prototype unit, reduce cost expenses
– Customized environment and unit features
FROGS VR Drone Passenger can reduce our marketing and operational costs and bring virtual flying experience to our customers as well as bring a new dimension and perspective to storytelling to the audience
Frogs CMO
Alexander Ludi
CMO Frogs Indonesia