ARUTALA is an immersive technology company that produces next-generation digital and product enhancement experiences for the most innovative brands, institutions, and individuals using the latest AR/VR/MR Technology.


Make your dream come true trough many ways possible

Virtual Reality (VR)

Blow the mind of your customers, employees, even your stakeholders. Give them one of a kind VR experience based on your ideas, and help them experience what you feel immersively.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Bring magic to your audience smartphone by embedding AR technology into it. With the right concept AR is a powerful tool to improve user engagement or educate users in a new way completely.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Bring the magic with an interactive experience through VR devices and simulate an immersive environment through 3D models. Maximize the marketing process and enrich users’ experience.

360 Experience

Bring the real world into virtual reality. Capture your ideas in 360 video and deliver it to your clients or audiences in the most interactive experience.