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Passenger Drone VR


FROGS is Indonesia's first drone passenger company that aim to solved transportation problem in urban and rural area. Becoming the frontier of drone technology in Indonesia FROGS need to attend many exhibition in multiple places at once. The problem occur since it require high effort to transport the drone unit from one expo to another one, not to mention the inability to do multiple expo at once since the drone unit is limited. ARUTALA with the latest VR technology able to solve that problem and give futuristic experience on how will people feel once the FROGS product becoming available in the market.


Excavator VR Training


Designed in SPAIN and distributed in Myanmar. Matador Brand of machinery was widely accepted by many loyal customers due to their compact size fuel efficiency and easy to operate. Matador manufacturing plant is based in China with the highest standard in Design and Technology Development Worldwide. To deliver maximum impact in its mechanical training process Matador choose VR technology by ARUTALA to create an Oculus Apps to help its mechanics understand the internal parts and also how to do a proper troubleshooting

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