Using Dump Truck VR, optimizing dump truck training experience with an immersive virtual reality platform. A helpful immersive virtual training that has a lower risk of accidents. It offers a more secure environment for understanding how to operate a dump truck. Cut your budget for giving a huge area and maintenance of the training tools. Giving you the maximum results of dump truck training with lower risk and lower cost in an immersive experience.

About Dump Truck VR

Driving a dump truck requires specific skills. Dump Truck VR is helpful to learn how to drive a dump truck. A product that helps trainees understand more about dump trucks and operating unit models with low-risk accidents. Even though the trainees or workers do not use the actual unit, this product allows them to train like they use the real one. Dump Truck VR also can provide different training environments and scenarios, even the riskiest ones with many features. Using Dump Truck VR, problems such as bad weather and broken training tools no longer exist.


Realistic size of the unit model

Distinct training scenarios and environments

Operation Training


Minimizing accidents and injuries during training seasons.

Conduct training wherever practical

Cutting your budget for providing a large area and maintenance training tools

Opportunity for worker’s continuous crane skills improvement