Maximize your crane training experience with an innovative interactive virtual reality platform. A product that provides you with immersive virtual training which has a lower risk of accidents. Providing a better and more secure environment for understanding how to operate a crane. Cut your budget for giving a huge area and maintenance of the training tools. Gain the maximum results of crane training with lower risk and lower cost in an immersive experience.

About Crane VR

Crane VR is a realistic crane controls simulation for helping and maximizing crane training. It provides an immersive virtual training experience without visiting the on-site location. Crane VR offers trainees safe training because they do not have to come to the training area. This product provides a new way of crane training. Crane VR can provide different training environments and scenarios, even the riskiest ones with many features. With Crane VR, injuries and accidents can be avoided by trainees since they use realistic simulation rather than a real crane.


Actual size of the unit model

Various training scenarios and environment

Operation Training


Minimizing accidents and injuries during training seasons.

Providing actual and realistic training which is the same as the real one.

Cutting your budget for providing a large area and maintenance training tools.

Opportunity for worker’s continuous crane skills improvement.

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