Do you miss having a face to face meeting with your team or client? You don’t have enough time to provide lots of meeting in one day because of a matter of place? or you can’t provide practicum with your students because of pandemics? Don’t worry, ARUMEET easily connects your team or your students in a customizable virtual meeting room and makes your meeting more efficient and memorable.

About Arumeet

ARUMEET allows people to engage with one another in a proper manner via an avatar. Users can choose an avatar based on their personal tastes in terms of skin color, haircut, gender, and clothing through this ARUMEET. Furthermore, users can virtually select a location. Both of these can be customized to meet your specific requirements. ARUMEET’s interactions also allow users to walk together, shake hands, play various activities in virtual environments, and even perform skill training.


Interaction and Communication between Users

Multiple Room to choose

Create Room

Premade character & avatar that depended on rooms


Enabling remote collaboration seamlessly and intuitively

Instantly grab the tools you need to communicate effectively

Boosting cohesion and engagement