Virtual Reality for Health, Urban Community Fitness Solution_11zon

Virtual Reality for Health, Urban Community Fitness Solution

Virtual Reality for Health, Urban Community Fitness Solution_11zon

Virtual Reality for Health – Hearing the word fitness, some of Sobat Arunews might think that fitness is the same as the gym. Then is this assumption correct? explains that gym and fitness are two different things. Sobat Arunews can get fitness without attending training in the gym, such as running, skipping, and others. While the gym is a fitness center where people who come into it, generally aim for fitness.

Yes, we can define fitness itself as a condition healthy and fit body. Even though it’s often misguided in pronunciation, the fact is concerned Indonesian people get good body health and fitness is increase. Especially in times Covid-19 pandemic.

Various curative & preventive efforts carried out by Government in the fight against Covid-19 indirectly increase the number of public awareness of preventing health problems.

Results of the 2021 National Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas),
revealed that health is one of the components of state expenditure which increased by 0.28% from the previous year.

Expenditures in the health sector can be one of the instruments that show behavioral patterns community to improve health. Then is this a good thing? of course.

Unfortunately, disease prevention measures by society are generally carried out “only” with buy herbal medicines. Nothing is wrong with this, just make herbal medicine the only obvious protection is an error.

Prevention efforts like this came about thanks to the wrong mindset contributing to the meaning of sport. Indonesian people tend to say washing, mopping, and sweeping are sports.

So what’s the expert opinion? Michael Triangto explained that the previous activity was not a sport because does not meet FITT. FITT itself is Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type.

Then how motivate people to be more concerned about disease prevention without relying on herbal medicines? Especially for Sobat Arunews who live in urban areas and rarely have time to sport.

The answer is to use virtual reality for health.

Virtual Reality for fitness programs? Yes, virtual reality is a technology that allows you to be able to interact such as walking, communicating, doing assignments, and also doing sports in the simulation world. Although the simulation, the results of the resulting impact can be enjoyed in the real world.

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Many benefits can be obtained with the use of virtual reality for health, especially in a fitness program. Some of these benefits are Sobat Arunews can easily exercise at at home and anytime. Sobat Arunews get the sports experience more interesting.

Virtual Reality not only helps Sobat Arunews to improve their physical fitness but also increases focus.

According to the School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA), using a VR headset while exercising can reduce pain and increase the duration of the sport. This study was conducted with 80 people who do isometric bicep curls. Split into 2 sections, namely the VR and non-VR groups. Then what is the result?

The experimental results revealed that the pain intensity in the VR group felt 10% lower than in the non-VR group.

Sobat Arunews can see Youtube videos from Lauren Giraldo below is trying virtual reality for sports;

Source: Meta Quest

The famous American influencer said that virtual reality is a fun way to exercise. He even said that with virtual reality, he barely noticed that I was exercising. Exactly as the results of previous studies.

Logitech Chrorus

Source:, as a testing company tried FitXR against Lauren Giraldo before too have created the latest accessories for their VR. These accessories are very good audio accessories lightweight. Named Logitech CHORUS.

This audio accessory integrates well with their previous device, the Meta Quest 2. This Logitech CHORUS allows Sobat Arunews to still be able to hear voices and be aware of the voices around him.

Through the Open Move Overlay mode, Sobat Arunews too can exercise calmly without the same disturbance very.

Recommended Virtual Reality Games & Applications for Health (Fitness)


FitXR For Health

The first is the FitXR. This application has various fun sports options. Start with practicing boxing, dancing, and even HIIT. Not only sports options variety, but FitXR also provides a variety of options songs that will make Sobat Arunews excited to exercise.


Virtual Reality for Health

Slightly different from FitXr, Supernatural provides a variety of sports programs that are more structured and effective. Even in it, Sobat Arunews can get over 500 selected exercise programs on
various virtual locations around the world.



Next up, is the Holophyte. VR apps that facilitate Sobat Arunews to be able to run, cycling to rowing at home. Holophyte is a fun alternative to a great cardio workout boring and monotonous.