The Use of VR in a Submarine

A recent submarine accident occured in Indonesia eliminating 53 crew members. The submarine, KRI Nanggala 402, was reported missing during a torpedo drill and declared drowned after a 4-day search. The ship’s wreckage was eventually discovered at a depth of 832 meters below sea level, divided into three parts.

There have been approximately 20 submarine accidents since the year 2000. The Kursk, a nuclear-powered submarine in Russia, sank to the bottom of Barents Sea after it exploded twice, killing 118 of its crew members. In may 2003, China declared Ming-class submarine 361 drowned due to mechanical malfunction. This accident killed 70 of its crew members. 

This accident brings up questions and curiosity on what VR technology can contribute to minimize the outcome. One essential question related to the safety matters, how VR technology is able to save the lives of crew members in the near future? One obvious answer is to create a more advanced training for the crew member using VR technology, as we know it is now commonly used in the military. 

Training can include technical training to increase the crew awareness if there are any mechanical issues on board. With this training, crew members are expected to be alert and aware of the issue being faced during the crisis and come up with a solution. Of course, most submarine accidents are caused by technical issues, hence it is important to give technical training for a temporary solution. 

With this training, crew members are not only expected to excel in physical training but also technical training. A simulation is created similar to the possibility of accidents that may occur on the field. With the target of gaining basic technical knowledge that will at least give more time during accidents or become a solution to safety. 

Up until now, VR in submarine training is only used for game purposes only. But with technology rapidly growing, it is a possibility that the development will benefit the Ministry of Defense, increase skills and protection for our military. 

With the evolution of technology, it is also expected to increase the safety and well-being of humankind. Keep up with ARUTALA at for more updated news on how immersive technology can develop and contribute in many sectors, especially in our defense system. (Putri Fortuna – News)