The Future of Benefit of Extended Reality

After a while ago we discussed what Extended Reality or XR was, so now we will discuss the future of benefit of XR. As previously discussed, the usefulness of XR is not inferior to AR or VR which were already well known. Even though it is classified as a new technology, XR can be used in various sectors such as education, business and even construction.

  • Education sector 

It cannot be denied that education is an important aspect of human life. The use of XR in education is believed to be able to increase students’ desire to learn and make student learning experiences more concrete.

XR technology enables students to learn that is not only limited to the classroom but can be extended abroad without having to leave the country. In addition, XR also provides benefits for students and teachers to take classes that are taking place in other cities or countries. 

Not only that, XR also provides a special platform for students to communicate with students in other cities and countries to communicate with each other, using avatars and also mapping facial expressions. The existence of XR certainly provides great benefits to the education sector, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic because students can learn from a distance but still feel real. 

  • Business sector 

The use of XR in the business sector in this time of the pandemic is to enable employees to work remotely. Not only for company employees, but for those who work in real estate as well, XR technology enables them to market and provide virtual tours to prospective buyers.

For companies, XR technology has a big impact in the field of training. The presence of XR technology can reduce costs for staff training. Instead of paying staff to do training for prospective employees, XR can replace that role. Interestingly, this training can be done both in the office and remotely.

For companies that have a high risk of working, XR is able to reduce work accidents, especially during the training period. This allows prospective employees who are still prone to making mistakes to know what risks will occur when they make mistakes and make them not repeat those mistakes in the real world when they work later. 

XR can also provide feedback and progress that occurs both in management, staff and prospective employees. This allows the company to improve systems that may have been the wrong size and be detrimental to the company.

  • Construction sector

Work accidents often occur in the construction sector. The presence of XR technology also brings benefits in the construction sector, especially in order to reduce work accidents. XR technology allows those who work in construction to communicate more easily so there will be less miscommunication. In addition, XR technology also allows constructors to see clearly and in detail what they are doing so they can avoid work hazards and accidents that will arise in the future. 

And those are the advantages of using this growing XR technology. Interested to try it? Don’t forget to always up to date about our latest news on (Putri-Fortuna/News)