The Awakening of Clever You #InternTalk

Let’s get one thing straight: clever people are great! Being clever, though linked to intelligence, isn’t quite the same thing. Cleverness is often how you come across to other people, how quick you are at analyzing and acting in situations, and how you do-as-little-as-necessary way to get things done. Everybody wants to be clever and most people want to work with a clever person. Moreover, cleverness is a huge asset when applied to technological innovation and is probably the most necessary attribute that someone can bring to any organization nowadays.

Cleverness is a learned trait, which you, too, can work on developing. Some things you can do are immerse yourself in challenging situations to solve real-world problems and also surround yourself with clever minds. And that’s our Intern’s hack to cultivate their cleverness! 

Internships help teach you more about the career path you’re pursuing, too. Think of it as a way to test drive possible jobs and explore different job markets. Trescha—our ex-Marcom Intern, use her internship opportunity to explore her interests and discover new potential. Who knows, Trescha who graduated from International Relations and aspired to be an ambassador, find her hidden talent in content writing and copywriting after her three months internship at ARUTALA. 

Unlike Trescha, Febri—our 3D Generalist who also started his career at ARUTALA as an intern, intended to join an internship to sharpen his 3D design skills. During his internship program, Febri has worked on various projects and got a mentorship opportunity from ARUTALA senior 3D Generalist. It helps his expertise in 3D models, improving his techniques, quality of work, and completion duration. 

However, cleverness is a honed trait that takes time, dedication, and above all, a commitment to cultivating. That’s why ARUTALA provides wide opportunity to stimulate your cleverness through our six-month learning journey at ARUTALA Immersion Program. Let’s book your seat and make an investment in your career. You’ll be thankful later when you’ve got better careers opportunities! (Tanaya Syifa – HR)