Tech and Health: Implementing Virtual Reality in Dental Practice

The application of virtual reality technology in the medical field has facilitated the training and absorption of material for doctors and prospective doctors. The possibility of repeated training can provide opportunities for students to improve their competence to the desired level, even more. With the widespread implementation of technology in the world of health, dentistry has become one of those who have benefited from the development of this immersive technology.

The need for practice is an important element in an effort to provide maximum service and care to patients. The pandemic condition that requires restrictions on physical interaction creates limitations in practicing for prospective doctors. The presence of virtual reality technology is an innovative solution in providing a practice simulation platform for prospective doctors.

As a virtual world that can be modified, training with virtual reality also provides flexibility in carrying out various procedures such as using scalpels and drills as well as simulating the installation of dental implants on a virtual patient. Installation of dental implants is one of the procedures applied in the virtual simulation.

In early mid-2021, two lecturers from Indonesia who teach in America contributed to creating a platform to support dental education. The initial goal of the product was to provide a place for students to practice from home, especially with the pandemic. The simulation presented is the use of tools in the procedures required by students. The platform that was formed is expected to be a companion for students to improve their abilities in difficult procedures that require repeated training in order to provide the best health services for patients. In addition, it is also a solution that overcomes challenges during the pandemic in meeting the needs of students to improve their competence through practice and training procedures.

One of the conveniences presented by virtual reality in the medical world is the multiplayer feature. Students and teachers can interact in the virtual world as real practice is done. This has been implemented in ARULAB Bathing Patient VR, a collaboration product between Arutala and FKKMK UGM. Prospective nurses will not only be able to follow procedures and practice, but supervisors can also be directly involved in the simulation. Making practical simulations more collaborative and well-monitored in order to improve the competence of students

Looking at the existing developments, Indonesia is an innovator who is not left behind in technology in the health sector. Of course, what this national startup has created is one of the many innovations that we can look forward to in order to improve the quality of health services for the community. Keep up to date with the latest information on immersive technology at . (News – Trescha)