Retrieve with Technology: First Aid Training using Virtual Reality

Retrieve with Technology: First Aid Training using Virtual Reality

First aid is a term related to providing emergency care to injured people immediately. The purpose of this is to minimize injury and future disability. In many cases, first aid is necessary to keep the victim alive. These high pressure departments require specialized training to deal with victims and are aimed at saving the lives of the injured. With the development of technology, the benefits of virtual reality are not limited to first aid training. Read more to learn how technology can be first-hand training for first responders. 

Generally, first aid is performed by persons qualified for first aid treatment, such as EMTs and paramedics. Of course, this is not limited, because many first aid departments and personnel have received first aid training. While it is common to use a simulation doll, this does not represent the high pressure situation as seen on the field. With lives at stake, various complications and obstacles can be a challenge in saving one’s life.  

First aid training is considered vital to saving lives and is now provided through advanced virtual reality technology. 4 Help VR is one of the organizations that provide first aid training in virtual reality. The lifelike features provided by virtual reality are seen as a more effective way to train and acquire new skills with the goal of “learning by doing” in a controlled environment. 

Similar to real life training, VR first aid training also includes: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, infants, and children, airway management and resuscitation techniques, allergic reactions, response to asthma and suffocation, injury treatment and patient stabilization, Appropriate treatment of sprains, strains and fractures, communication with other emergency personnel and emergency personnel

As with many of the benefits of virtual training, the most prominent feature provided is its low risk in a safe and supervised environment. Since VR is also a customizable environment, developers can adjust the situation and the degree of injury according to training needs. This can increase the skills of the first responders and relief units when dealing with unexpected situations and by that provide better care of the injured people. 

This development is already being implemented in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Read more about the development of virtual reality in  and keep an eye for the first ever First Aid Training using VR in Indonesia. (Trescha – News)