Predictions of VR trends in 2021

It doesn’t feel like 2020 will end soon. Many things have happened in 2020. During 2020 there have been many changes in various sectors. One of them is the technology sector which is growing rapidly because almost all activities start from school, work to other things.

It cannot be denied that the development of VR in 2020 will also be faster than in previous years. Starting from the education, medical, army and other sectors, they have started to apply VR in their technology. VR is proven to bring benefits to these sectors. And this makes us wonder what will VR development be like in 2021?

  • Tourism  

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector has weakened due to health protocols. People do not dare to travel because they are afraid of being affected by the COVID-19 virus. In 2021, it is possible that the tourism sector will start using VR for ‘online tourism’. Well, it won’t feel exactly the same as during the holidays before the pandemic, but at least it will treat our desire to take a vacation. 

It doesn’t stop there, it is likely that many tour and travel parties will use VR technology to promote hotels and cities or countries for consumers’ destinations. VR can be used by consumers to feel the real sensation of the place of lodging that will be chosen, the tourist destination that will be visited so that consumers will not feel disappointed because the place does not match the photos and expectations.

  • Business 

In the business sector, implementing VR will greatly help consumers to shop online so they don’t meet many people in markets or malls. VR technology allows consumers to virtually try before buying the product. Not only that, to shop for household needs, you can also use VR technology to visit related malls or stores.

For the real estate business, this VR technology can also be applied. Consumers who want to see a house but are blocked by a pandemic and also have a busy life, can see and visit the house virtually by utilizing VR technology. This technology will certainly make it easier for both consumers and sellers because it can be done anywhere and anytime.

  • Gaming Industry 

So far, most people know that VR has always been side by side with games, therefore it feels incomplete if we don’t discuss how VR will develop in 2021 from the gaming industry. Seeing how VR has developed in the gaming industry over the last few years is impressive. From year to year, VR resolution is getting slick that makes graphic images more attractive to the eye, especially when playing games.

In 2021, with the sophistication of existing technology, many VR brands can release VR with more attractive graphics. Seeing the market’s need for gaming to get rid of boredom because of staying at home,  a lot of VR will appear with a more affordable budget. In addition, it is likely that VR will have a lighter weight compared to before as well as a more durable battery. As more games will emerge in 2021, VR will become more compatible with lots of games that are interesting to play. 

Well, that’s our prediction for those of you who might be wondering how VR will develop in the future. Well, do you have any other ideas or predictions on how VR will develop in 2021?

(Putri Fortuna – News)