Enrichment of Cultural-Historical Heritage Using Immersive Technology

We all know that technology has revolutionized the way people learn and work. In this era of the metaverse, accessible infrastructure from screens to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) spaces will facilitate a more holistic and immersive experience to feel genuinely engaged with virtual objects.

Virtual reality is becoming an instrument applicable to many fields. The use of AR/VR technology has also begun to be applied in the arts, culture, and historical sectors. AR/VR helps people understand traditions and culture interactively. Some examples of its application are historical site exhibitions or museums and e-learning.

Nowadays, visitors can reveal ancient buildings as 3D objects, or even stroll around art exhibitions without having to come to visit the actual exhibits. Cultural institutions seem to be looking for interesting ways to introduce new means of interaction with cultural assets, as can be seen from the number of exhibitions in various countries. 

AR and VR from a strategic point of view can strengthen learning in a cultural environment. In this case, AR and VR can be learning tools. AR and VR technologies provide a closer picture of knowledge, allow new sensations and meanings to arise during the learning process. 

It also attracts more people to learn while being entertained. Even further, it provides valuable assistance for the preservation of heritage and cultural-historical collections.

Cultural heritage in this non-physical form connects people with past cultures. Although  it is in the form of virtual objects, this cultural asset still retains its own value and revives the culture of the past. Of course, the enrichment of historical values using immersive technology can be widely applied in various cultural elements given the diverse culture of Indonesia.

Gamelan VR is one of ARUTALA’s products designed to help further cultural understanding. In collaboration with the Yogya Gamelan Festival (YGF), Gamelan VR is here as an innovative product created with the idea of popularizing gamelan at all levels, both parents and children.

Gamelan VR brings the real world to the virtual world, so users can enjoy playing gamelan without being limited by the gamelan instrument itself. Gamelan VR can be an alternative to playing gamelan and interacting virtually without being hindered by space and time. (Kriscahyani – Marcomm)