Dynamic Gaming Experience: The future of Virtual Reality in Esports

Discussing technological developments would not be complete without the topic of gaming, especially how it can benefit the esports sector. A sport in the form of organized multiplayer video game competitions, especially among professional gamers, both individually and in teams. Virtual reality itself already has popularity in the gaming sector. With the dynamic immersive experiences offered by virtual reality, esports is becoming more similar to traditional sports. Especially the sensory features that allow users to physically interact in their game.

Besides, how can esports be the next big thing and how can virtual reality be a part of it? First of all, the esports market has been a growing sector since the 2010s, global esports revenues reached over $1 billion dollars by the end of 2019. Esports has even become one of the sports competed in the Olympics. And like any sport, esports is also attracting a global audience and fans that reached $443 million in 2020.

The growing popularity of esports has also brought demands from fans regarding taking the entire gaming experience to the next level. One is for players to move their bodies and show more emotion, and not just sit in their chairs for hours on end. In other words, the movements and interactions of players are real in the digital game world.

Team Gravity VR is a global professional organization for virtual reality esports since 2017. Competing 8 games such as Beat Saber, Space Junkies, Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and others. This organization contains a pool of talented VR athletes as well as professionals. Consistency in participating in the competition led the athletes to compete in ESL One, IEM Katowice and Oculus Connect 5.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, Colonicle is the first mobile game that uses virtual reality. This game is presented by SugarGame, an Indonesian game company, expanding the field of esports in Indonesia with VR technology which also features a first-person shooter (FPS) from Fake Eyes Co., Ltd.

For players and esports fans, of course, this technological development will open a new dimension in enjoying every match. Players are physically involved in the match, as well as fans who can also “enter” the playing field and watch the match live, as football or basketball fans do.

With a high market potential in the esports sector, the variety of technology platforms used can also contribute to increasing recognition of the potential of esports athletes. Do not forget to discuss the contribution of esports which can also increase the country’s economic income.

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