Digital Era: The Use of AR for Preschoolers

The use of technology is more common to see in teenagers and adolescents. Parents tend to keep technology away from their toddlers and preschoolers for fear of addiction. As a solution to that, many platforms provide a kid safe feature and content that are suitable for this age group. What if other than watching those contents, kids could actually interact and even gain a full visualization, what if the use of AR can give a positive impact for children? 

Here are some of the advantages of using AR technology for preschoolers:

  • Raise interest in learning

Curiosity and boredom are few out of many challenges in handling preschoolers. The traditional techniques that are mostly used sometimes don’t deliver the same outcome as it used to. With technology becoming more engaging, AR could be more beneficial in raising kids’ interest in learning, especially with the interactive 3D animation.

  • Increase creativity 

Other than being interesting, AR could also increase creativity in children. Being an interactive and fun learning method, kids are exposed to real life creative learning, building instincts on problem solving with creative solutions. 

  • Increase concentration

Curiosity also leads to poor concentration, kids get bored easily and eventually get distracted with other activities. Since AR is equipped with interesting and interactive animation, it can attract more attention hence increasing concentration on one thing at a time.

  • Sociable

Setting aside the prejudice, making children more confident in socializing. The existence of AR makes it easier for children to socialize with others, increasing social interaction without the fear of danger. This is because, in order to use AR, they must collaborate and interact with others.

Aside from the benefits listed above, AR can be used to expose cultures and traditions for children. Arutala successfully discovered and developed a solution to assist parents and teachers in introducing Indonesian culture, specifically Javanese culture, to kindergarten children.

Augmented Reality Tembang Dolanan Anak application (ARTDA 1.0). An online augmented reality application filled with traditional music, dances and even lyrics created by ARUTALA in collaboration with Sariswara Laboratory. A solution to bring back Ki Hajar Dewantara teaching method on character building, while also preventing the extinction of tradition. Came up as an online learning solution due to the pandemics, in order to distribute knowledge and traditions through technology.

ARTDA 1.0 is available for download on the Google Playstore. Download now and check out ARUTALA AR application filled with traditional music and dances. Don’t forget to read more about it on and other innovations by ARUTALA also the development of immersive technology. (Putri Fortuna – News)