Craving for The Out-of-Reach:How The Co-founder of ARUTALA Initiate the Company

In 2013, The Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Arutala, Ambar Setyawan, found himself amazed by Microsoft’s future vision of 2020 video shown in his class. Sadly it just haunted him in silence rather than shifting into a vision to be realized because he was still a clueless undergraduate student.

Somehow in 2016 when he finally graduated and made a living by himself, he recalled his memory of the video and flashed a wish to build an immersive technology company like that. Although he already had a stable job, he thought his salary would not cover all expenses to hire employees and pay for operational fees, which is a must once a company is established.

Ambar then still proceeded it from scratch by forming a community consisting of computer science students from different universities. In the community, they worked together to develop immersive technology programs while still working for their primary job. Of course, the journey was truly a roller coaster and not smooth as silk because of the ups and downs.

About three years after managing the community, in 2019, Ambar was reunited with Indra Haryadi, who was also his senior in University, and succeedly established ARUTALA together as a company expertised in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

There are these patterns which apply in most undergraduate students, wanting to start their own business but there is too vivid an imagination of how it could go wrong. Ambar went through the same thing, but rather than fear it, he faced it and started to work on it, just how ARUTALA’s crave value looks like. He took action when he finally arrived at the conclusion that carried this glimmer of thought, “If it’s worthwhile for your growth, there’s no reason to starve. It’s time to feed that craving of yours.” There will be rejection in your way, but it’s not the end of your way. He sees rejection as something inevitable that we should not stress over. 

The strong and constant feeling of crave will lead you eventually into real action in the process of making all you want come true. How do we secure that feeling of crave when it seems to be out of reach and we in fact have no backups to support our dream? Ambar revealed two points, the attitude of acceptance and experience.

The attitude of acceptance gives a sense of humbleness so that way you’re shaped into someone who understands the reality and is ready to encounter all obstacles.

Experience also plays a big role. The places where you build your experience is not solely a place to sharpen your skills, but also to hear inspiring stories of other employees’ career journeys that will make you crave for something beyond you, have someone succeed to be followed, then assure you to proceed to the execution.

Doubt never and believe in what you want, because neither progress nor success will be made without craving to be better and bigger than you are today. (Hasna Samiyah – Employer Branding Intern)