ARUTALK RECAP: Explore The Potential of VR in The Health Sector

ARUTALA held its first webinar on 23 October 2021, with field expert Dr. Hendry Gunawan Sp.N, Director of SMF, Waled Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, UGJ, and Markus Santoso, Ph. D, Assistant Professor, Digital World Institute, University of Florida.

With the topic “Surgery on the Potential of VR in the Health Sector”, ARUTALA and more than 100 participants had the opportunity to be involved in discussing the opportunities of VR technology in the world of health and also the implementation of VR in Indonesia and abroad. Gained insight into the potential of virtual reality used in many fields of health care.

The discussion was opened with remarks by Dr. Andre Maeza (PDSI neurorestoration & neuroengineering) in his brief explanation of technological developments in the Indonesian neurology department.

Continuing to the next session Mr. Marcus Santoso, assistant professor from the University of Florida, gave a brief explanation of immersive technology in the medical field that can be applied for educational purposes, visualization, simulation, and telemedicine.

In education, one of the projects is the use of augmented reality to visualize learning books to enhance the learning experience and improve understanding of each material.

We were also introduced to various immersive products created to support the healthcare sector. Several products that have been developed have been implemented for training and even maintenance. Starting from the specialization of dentistry, neurology, to ethics in communicating with patients.

Immersive technology was also developed to support the treatment of ADHD and chronic pain, and it was found that its use was more effective than the use of anti-pain medications. With simulations presented in a virtual world, doctors can diagnose brain diseases without having to place patients in a dangerous and unmonitored environment.

One of the innovations in the medical world in Indonesia is PainCoVR which was created to overcome the patient’s phobia of needles, so that vaccinations can still be carried out. This can help reduce the patient’s fear of needles by focusing on the image presented through the VR box.

With the focus of the discussion on how VR can be applied in the neurological world, it can also be seen how the innovations presented by VR in neurology can bring new methods of therapy to patients.

Mr. Marcus also explained how the medical world will always evolve with technological developments. This can be achieved by collaborating with startups such as ARUTALA. A great opportunity for the medical world and the industrial technology industry in bringing innovations that can help in patient care in various fields. In addition, the involvement of immersive technology in the medical world also helps in training to hone skills, especially for prospective doctors to obtain better visualization in understanding human anatomy.

With great opportunity, ARUTALA aims to develop more products to support the world of medicine in Indonesia. Be a part of innovators in the health sector to provide a better practice environment for better patient care that is less invasive. Keep up with the update only on (Trescha – News)