ARUMEET by ARUTALA: Indonesia Gateway to Metaverse

Let’s talk about Metaverse, this one specific word that has become a  trend in the last few months regarding the topic of immersive technology development. Metaverse gained its popularity since Facebook announced its rebranding as Meta. So what is Metaverse? Why is it a trend? And how is it relevant to technological advancement in this digital era? 

Before we dive deep in the discussion on Metaverse, let’s first dive into the definition of metaverse itself. 

Metaverse is a combination of immersive technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and video that enable users to “live” in a digital universe. Metaverse can also be understood as an extended version of the internet. A platform for communication, collaboration, and virtual presence through any device. Aims to make the virtual world more realistic. 

Imagine being able to conduct any physical activities from your house. The realistic experience is constantly being promoted by immersive technology that is provided through the mash up innovation of metaverse. Experience brought closer to Indonesia through ARUMEET, an innovative product powered by ARUTALA. 

Whether it is used for professional purposes such as work and meeting, educational purposes, or even entertainment. Metaverse is the next level of social interaction through the innovation of technology. Reality without boundaries, free interaction that is presented is also influenced by emotional involvement that makes the virtual environment more “realistic”. 

ARUMEET emerged as the interactive solution answering challenges brought by the Covid-19 Pandemic, physical interaction. No talking in public areas, max visitors in stores, work from home, and even online classes. Restriction set as the pandemic policy aims to prevent the spread of SARS‑CoV‑2 is a virus. Despite the endless possibilities of technology, it turns out that online meetings do not yet meet the need to interact with others. 

Why is Metaverse a trend? Beside the social interaction that is already provided by technology, metaverse also brings emotion to the table. Online meetings or online classes although answers some part of the issues, apparently physical and online presence has a significant difference in emotions triggered when we interact face to face with others. 

ARUMEET is created as the solution for meetings and classes. Some challenges being faced that can not be answered through online meetings are presented by ARUTALA through their very own metaverse innovation. ARUMEET connects your team or your students in a customizable virtual meeting room and makes your meeting more efficient and memorable. Let’s not forget the interaction that created a physical interaction in this virtual world. 

ARUMEET allows organizations to create metaverses, various virtual worlds for people to collaborate, to interact, or simply just some chit chat. Simple explanation to metaverse is bringing reality into the virtual world where users can interact in real time like online meeting or video chat, but with your virtual physical presence. 

ARUMEET also increases engagement with one another in a proper manner through an avatar. Users can choose their avatar based on personal preference regarding skin color, haircut, gender, and clothing through ARUMEET. Furthermore, users can virtually select the location virtually, so imagine the possibility to talk about budgeting with your team by the beach. This many possibilities can be customized to meet your specific requirements, making online meetings not only interesting but also interactive and engaging. The interactions in ARUMEET allow users to walk together, shake hands, play various activities in virtual environments, and even perform skill training.

Work, play, interact, and stay connected with family, friends, coworkers, or even your surroundings through various activities from concerts and conferences to worldwide travel with virtual trips. Endless opportunities, limitless creativities that are provided through this metaverse world by ARUMEET. 

We are now facing the world of uncertainty, hence living out the best time to create and come up with limitless innovation through technology that aims to provide convenience for humans. It is not about the delay in development or why now there are so many new creations for technological developments. The devastation and loss brought by Covid-19 Pandemic opens up opportunities for many innovations that provide the best ways for interactions. 

As said before, we still need to interact, still need the emotions that are triggered when we interact with each other. Metaverse in some way diminishes the loneliness and emptiness we see or feel in our surroundings. Online meetings only enable us to see each other through screens. But the metaverse brings us “physically” presence in the virtual world. Metaverse allows us to emerge ourselves in the virtual world and interact with our family, friends, and coworkers. Metaverse allows us to work, study, play, and many more interactions that seemed impossible during this physical restriction era. 

The many possibilities that will be brought to you by ARUMEET. Keep up with this metaverse innovation by ARUTALA only on (Trescha – News).