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ARUTALA & FKKMK UGM Kembangkan VR untuk Mahasiswa Keperawatan

Penerapan Tembang Dolanan Anak Ki Hajar Dewantara


Terpilih Menjadi Mitra Oculus ISV Program (



Digital Architectonic: The Use of Virtual Reality in The Architecture Industry

The world of architecture amazed us already with mockup designs and even building design that makes us think, how? With the rise of Virtual Reality, applications in architecture have …
Jul 8, 2021

Digital Era: The Use of AR for Preschoolers

The use of technology is more common to see in teenagers and adolescents. Parents tend to keep technology away from their toddlers and preschoolers for fear of addiction. As …
Jul 8, 2021

Athletic and Tech: The Use of VR in The Sports Industry

The use of VR seems limitless, as technology advances, many aspects in life adapt to the progress and we can also see a significant rise in those aspects. Speaking …
Jul 8, 2021

ARUTALA Brown Bag Edition: Increase Virtual Tour Experience Using 360°

Imagine yourself being in a new location like the museum, there are artifacts to see and rooms you can enter, right? Now imagine visiting those places through your phone …
Jul 8, 2021

ARUTALA visits the French Embassy

Bonjour à tous! Hello ARUFriends. At the end of April, ARUTALA received an invitation from the French Embassy. Indra Haryadi (ARUTALA’s Chief Of Executive Officer) and Preva Dimas (Sr. …
Jul 8, 2021

The Uses of AR Technology in Military Sector

Modern technology has become more sophisticated. Rapid development reached the point where technology is implemented in all aspects of life, including education, business, construction, even the military. In this …
Jul 8, 2021