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ARUTALA & FKKMK UGM Kembangkan VR untuk Mahasiswa Keperawatan

Penerapan Tembang Dolanan Anak Ki Hajar Dewantara


Terpilih Menjadi Mitra Oculus ISV Program (



Enrichment of Cultural-Historical Heritage Using Immersive Technology

We all know that technology has revolutionized the way people learn and work. In this era of the metaverse, accessible infrastructure from screens to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual …
Mar 15, 2022

The Results Rely on The Process

Creating a perfect product is just an utopia inside our head. The term “perfect” is quite ambiguous since it has no exact measurement and it is judged by various …
Jan 17, 2022

The Awakening of Clever You #InternTalk

Let’s get one thing straight: clever people are great! Being clever, though linked to intelligence, isn’t quite the same thing. Cleverness is often how you come across to other …
Jan 17, 2022

Craving for The Out-of-Reach:How The Co-founder of ARUTALA Initiate the Company

In 2013, The Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Arutala, Ambar Setyawan, found himself amazed by Microsoft’s future vision of 2020 video shown in his class. Sadly it just …
Jan 17, 2022

ARUMEET by ARUTALA: Indonesia Gateway to Metaverse

Let’s talk about Metaverse, this one specific word that has become a  trend in the last few months regarding the topic of immersive technology development. Metaverse gained its popularity …
Dec 24, 2021

Tech for Global Health: Innovation for Emergency Education

With the spread of information faster, basic understanding of health is more accessible. Reliable sources can be found to obtain valid information that can add insight to become lessons …
Dec 22, 2021