Tembang Dolanan Anak is an educational method created by Ki Hajar Dewantara that uses art to help with character building for students. However, with the development of technology, the interest in traditional arts has decreased, and some have even completely disappeared.Various efforts have been made to revitalize local arts which are also the basis of education,especially in character building. An approach that is considered possible is to innovate in the field of technology. The use of AR technology is one of the innovative solutions in introducing children to traditional arts. Along with technological developments and increased internet usage, the introduction of traditional arts can be presented in a way that is more attractive, in a well-known environment to the digital-oriented generation.


Arutala presents ARTDA 1.0 to address the issue of traditional extinction. An Augmented Reality application that aims to act as a bridge between culture and technology. Since traditional methods of raising awareness are ineffective, Arutala proposes a technologically compatible solution. With technological adaptation, the probability of reaching out to the younger generation increases.Offering Accessibility, also raises high interest especially with the high use of technology. Since today’s children are more digitally driven, one approach is to incorporate culture and art into the digital age. Innovation and Adaptation With the advancement of technology, information is also easier to distribute to users. ARTDA 1.0 was developed as a way to introduce children to traditions that are slowly fading away. The use of Augmented Reality technologies allows for the creation of a visually appealing display that includes dance and song demonstrations accompanied by traditional music. As technological advancements shift society, the way to preserve it is by channeling information through the digital world.Complete with audio and music also 3D animation, children gain knowledge of Tembang Dolanan Anaka through their smartphones. This application can be used with or without the book, therefore bringing simplicity in introducing traditions and cultures to children.

key features

ARTDA 1.0 main features
– Immersive 3D 360° Experience
– Interactive and Informative Education Platform
– High Accessibility
Pandemic pushed high technology innovation hence the creation of ARTDA. The Collaboration between traditional art with immersive technology. With the positive feedback, ARTDA will be the tool to promote culture and tradition to families. Raise the urgency of how tradition can collaborate with modern technology. Sustainability is needed so the interests are increased for ARTDA. With high technology penetration, Tembang Dolanan Anak, Ki Hajar Dewantara Method, will gain a higher recognition for education in character building.”
Listyo HK (Cak Lis)
Head of Sariswara Laboratory